How it works

Our school is set up as an all inclusive program. What this means is that every student in our program receives 29 lessons per year and is able to attend group classes, performance classes and recitals.

How it works:

Each student has a weekly lesson set up with their individual teacher.

When a student has a piece of music that is ready to perform, the student can sign up for a to perform in a performance class, which is a small relaxed environment. These classes take place every other week and a typical student plays in one or two a semester.

Group classes are held every week and are held in different levels so students can attend the group class that fits their level. These can be attended in addition to a student’s individual lessons but not in place of their lessons.

Once a semester,  a more formal recital is hosted by the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

STEP Birmingham is proud to be a Suzuki school offering violin, viola and cello lessons in Birmingham, AL.