Frequently asked questions

  • Location: 1101 18th Street South Birmingham AL 35205. Just a block from the heart of 5 points
  • STEP Birmingham is a full tuition program that includes lessons, group classes, performance opportunities and much more. Beginner students typically begin with 30 minute lessons which are five monthly payments of $100 per semester.
  • STEP Birmingham divides it’s semester tuition equally between 5 months starting with the first payment on August 15th and ending with the final payment for the first semester on December 15th. Second semester payment dates begin January 15th and end May 15th.
  • STEP Birmingham payments are made through auto debits from a checking/savings account. A voided check needs to be received by the first lesson.
  • You can begin lessons at any time during the year.
  • Performances this year will include recitals and shows at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Alys Stephens Center, Galleria Mall, Altamont School, Linn Park and the German Market.
  • Every child can learn an instrument through a nurturing environment. Students learn music like they learn a language, through listening, repetition and imitation. Reading is also essential for learning a language and parents do not need to have any prior knowledge of music before starting their student on an instrument.